Our Farm Shop

The Farm Shop

You’ll always find something new at the shop. Not just the full current range of Barbreck meat products but also the latest ‘experiments’. We stock fruit and vegetables (in season), free range eggs and home baking, as well as delicious smoked fish, local cheeses, a range of preserves to set off the food and a selection of books and crafts.

You get proper personal service at our shop. You can ask Ronnie for a special cut while you wait, get advice from Katie, Elspeth or Joanna on the best cuts and recipes, and maybe even pick up a juicy bone for the dog.

And if there is something you want that isn’t in stock we’ll probably know where to get it, or we’ll do our level best to find it for you.

Opening times are Monday to Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-4.

How to find the shop

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Farm Shop Open 9 - 6
Everyday including Christmas Eve
Re-open on 27th 9 - 5
up until Hogmany
Back to business 3rd Jan!

Seasonal Extras

Pork from Mull, Local Venison + oven ready Pheasants Plus delicious own-recipe Chipolatas & Stuffings
All available until Jan 2013

Recipes & Tips

Want a special
cut or a delicious
What makes
Barbreck products
stand out?
The farm is coastal and has a large low ground pasturage, providing early and plentiful grazing, and the cattle and sheep lead stress-free lives thanks to Sandy's caring husbandry.

The carcasses are well hung - a good week to ten days at the slaughterhouse, and up to two more weeks in the farm chill. All of these factors contribute to the excellent flavour and texture of Barbreck meat.

You can look at some photos of the Barbreck farming year here